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LavaLearn provides open access curriculum along with entrepreneurial and tech resources, workshops, and fireside chats to USC and the greater public.

Our Mission

LavaLab is the University of Southern California’s premiere, student-run, product incubator. We believe that the most creative solutions come from the cross-pollination of skills and ideas, so we invest in the intersection of talented engineers, product managers, and designers who are committed to building a better future.

LavaLearn is one of our Social Entrepreneurship initiatives striving to equip willing students in all walks of life with the knowledge, community, and resources they need to bring their ideas to life.

Viren Parmar
Director of Operations

For this semester, Viren will be leading the Bootstrap curriculum. He has a background in human biology & healthcare and is excited to help new entrepreneurs get started in technology.

Tomas Acin
Director of Development

For this semester, Tomas will be leading the Development curriculum. He has a background in software engineering & the education space, and is committed to spreading knowledge in technology and entrepreneurship.

Ivy Tsang
Director of Design

For this semester, Ivy will be leading the Design curriculum. She has a background in firmware design & UI/UX, and is passionate about design thinking for high-impact solutions.


All contributing writers, speakers, and videographers are LavaLab alumni and listed by order of appearance.

Andrew Hulin
"Intro to Figma Workshop"

Nikol Safronova
"Intro to Design Thinking"

Melisa Seah
"Inclusive Design & Branding"

Aidan Maddox
"Intro to Prototyping"

Madison Gong
"Building a Design Career"

Stormy Jackson
"Building a Strong Portfolio"

Pratima Manga
"Best Practices for Interviews"
Conner Chyung
"Full Stack Workshop"
"Mock Technical Interview"

Ishan Shah
"Intro to Hardware Workshop"

Wilhelm Willie
"React Workshop"

Nikita Takru
"Recruitment for SWE vs PM"

Glory Kanes
"Recruitment & Networking in the Tech Industry"